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We’re so excited to introduce Robin Mead’s newest masterpiece of color and life, Butterfly Dreams! Beautiful color-drenched butterflies are enhanced by richly textured coordinate prints in this digitally printed offering.

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We’re supporting this pretty collection with a custom quilt design! We’re showing it in two colorways so pick your favorite and go to your local quilt shop to find the fabrics.

You’ll begin by cutting the panel blocks at 12 1/2" square centering the design within each square. Note that a tiny bit of the surrounding background fabric will show at this stage.

This block requires templates so you will need template plastic or freezer paper (my preference). Trace and cut templates using the masters included in the pattern. To make my templates, I first mark dots at the seam points of the templates. You’ll see (3) dots that I marked on the freezer paper. Then, I connect the dots with the 1/4" line on a ruler and cut out a template with my rotary cutter.  This adds accurate 1/4" seam allowance to the template.  Label templates with the correct letter. I also cut the long, angled tips at a flat 1/4" to nub each one.

Follow directions to cut all template shapes. I continue to connect the dots on the templates with the 1/4" line on my ruler to cut the fabric shapes. Lay shapes together into the block.

Sew shapes together into a side section as shown below. Repeat to make four side sections. See how the shapes fit together nicely with the points nubbed at the 1/4" seam allowance?

Sew one side at a time and press seams open.

After sewing the four side sections, you’re ready to complete the block. Using a pencil or fine-tip permanent marker, mark the seam points on both the panel block and the side sections where they meet each other.

Sew seam point to seam point, back stitching at each marked point. Repeat for all sides of block.

Finally, stitching from inside seam point to outer edge, close corners with mitered seams. Press seams open.

Congratulations! You’re finished! With these blocks being so large, you only need a total of six blocks for this quilt! Marking the 1/4" seam point at the corners of each block will help you to align the blocks to each other when sewing them together. Border treatment uses six borders but they are really easy to cut & sew!

We hope you enjoyed following along with us!
We encourage you to share photos of your own
Butterfly Dreams quilts as well as any other project using
P&B fabrics!

Until next time.....sew on!


Rose M Cousin:

Stunningly beautiful!!!

Dec 02, 2020

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