All 108" Fabrics

Listed here are ALL the 108" fabrics. You can click on the name to go to that collection page or scroll through the skus here:

Patchwork Americana - PAME Shipping March 2023 One ski PAME 5002 N
Ramblings Wide - RAMW Shipping March 2023
Zipper - ZSTR Shipping February 2023
Perennial - PERE Shipping December 2022
Grass Roots - GROO Shipping November 2022
Matrix - MATR Shipping October 2022
Ombre Pastel - OMBP Shipping now
Floral Crochet - FCRO Shipping now
Mod Plaid - MPLA Shipping now
Songbird Serenade - SSER Shipping now SSER 4701 MU
Lauren - LAUR Shipping now
Carolyn - CARO Shipping now
Day Dreams Dark - DADR Shipping now
Sahara - SAHA Shipping now
Madras - MADA Shipping now
Ombre - OMBR Shipping now
Arabesque Wide - ARAW Shipping now
Day Dreams - DADR Shipping now
Emma - EMMA Shipping now