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An interview with Sally Walsh,
from Sillier Than Sally, Engadine,
New South Wales, Australia

Your first fabric collection with P&B, Little Darlings, is in quilt shops now...welcome and congratulations! You have an amazing presence on social media as well as with your website...you have lots of followers. Tell us some fun bits about you and your background!

Why thank you! Well, as you can probably already tell, I am a colour obsessed, water colour artist. I exhibit my art, teach art classes and create mural art. I truly love to paint fun & delightful confetti coloured birds and animals that just wrap our hearts up in a warm blanket of happiness!

I live in Sunny Sydney Australia, where I have an art space in my home, which I call my Tree Top Studio, it’s not quite in the trees (I wish) but it does jut out over a rolling green ridge of trees. So, I am surrounded by green, with lots of wild native Australian birds popping by for visits. I am a BIG fan of birds, animals and nature!

Sillier Than Sally design studio

Art takes up a huge amount of my life and brain space but I also have two little boys aged 2 & 6. They are beautiful, intense little handfuls, and I am married to a lovely but seriously over logical lad (he is an IT specialist, and I am a tree hugging artist...you can just imagine the interesting polar opposite conversations we have! 

My art journey started in early childhood. I spent MANY years working in a variety of industries (Hospitality, Floristry, Graphic Design, Printing Industry, Animation at Disney) and I was continually creating art at the same time. 

I established my little art biz, Sillier Than Sally, in 2011, and it has been a roller coaster ride of colour ever since! 

We're all fortunate that you are able to share your talent and inspiration! What inspired the art for Little Darlings? 

The inspiration started with one little bunny...“Little Bunny”. I created her at 5am one morning as I watched the sun rising through my window across the ridge from me. I created her flower crown in that morning's sun rise colours. She just flowed out of me and from her...a whole series of “Little Darlings” came forth! 

It all started with this bunny

Little Darlings fabric collection

That truly IS an inspired collection! So many people love the adorable "Little Darlings" and overall soft look of the designs. As we close Part 1...please put in order...cooking, baking, painting, gardening, sleeping! 

Painting, painting, painting, cooking, sleeping...I know I cheated, but I don’t bake or garden (just no time), come to think of it, I don’t sleep much either, hehe! 

Thank you Sally! We'll continue in Part 2! 



Oh my Gosh!! So wonderful to see this here. Sally is such a gifted talented soul who creates the most amazing art. I’m addicted to her creations. Having also attended her art classes she is such a beautiful and generous soul. Seeing her work takes me instantly to a happy place .

Aug 27, 2020


How fun it is to see this 😀😀
It’s so lovely knowing my “Little Darlings” fabric range is well loved! Makes my heart happy! 😀🎨🌈

Aug 14, 2020

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