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Amy Diener

Amy Diener is a New York based artist currently living in Bangkok. She specializes in vibrant dot paintings inspired by colors and patterns from her travel encounters. Her artwork also draws influence from sacred geometry, the Fibonacci sequence, and the cosmos. She has had a long history of battling OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and uses art as a coping mechanism to relieve anxiety. She paints only dots in her artwork because she finds the creative process to be very meditative. She patiently dips and drops layers of acrylic paint onto a surface to achieve her tactile 3D dots. The process requires extreme focus and concentration, thus inspiring her to be fully aware in the present moment. Amy’s goal is to bring awareness and destigmatize mental health through art and mindfulness practices. Her paintings instill a positive and joyful mood. She also hopes to evoke love, compassion, kindness, and inner peace through the meditation of her healing mandalas. She has exhibited her works worldwide including in New York, Thailand, Dubai, Singapore, and Germany. Lastly, she has been featured in noteworthy magazines such as the Bangkok Post and landed on the front cover of Wanderlust: Expat Life and Style Magazine.

For more information about Amy, visit: www.amydiener.com