Sylvie Demers
Sylvie has always been mesmerized by color. Her world is full of light and happy surprises. Living in the Greater Montreal area of Canada, she has illustrated multiple book covers for the Presses de l’Université du Québec. In 2011, she joined the community and has been designing pattern templates that are youthful and fresh ever since then. In 2012, she won the “Become our New Artist” contest. Watercolor and acrylic paints help her to express her optimism and inner spontaneity. She enjoys learning new techniques and exploring her creativity. Her fabric collections for P&B Textiles are digitally printed to capture the complexity of her artwork. Sylvie states, “Inspiration comes easily. Just looking outside the window in my studio, nature is giving me all the reasons to be joyous! Beauty is blooming year around in my backyard!”