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Geetanjali Behera

Geetanjali is an artist, illustrator, surface pattern designer, and thangka painter based in the beautiful southwestern coast of Goa, India. After graduating as a fashion designer, she began working in various creative fields, including freelance illustration and surface design. Her artistic style is characterized by intricate details and beautifully composed motifs, often featuring vibrant and colorful designs.

She lives in Goa with her husband Packo Baing, who is also an artist. Together, they share a creative life, drawing inspiration from their surroundings and travels.Inspired by her love for nature and passion for travel, Gee's work reflects the beauty she encounters during her treks and journeys around the world. Her art captures the essence of these experiences, bringing a unique vibrancy and richness to her creations. In 2020, Gee published her own coloring book, Mindful and meditative coloring showcasing her detailed and imaginative illustrations.

Gee’s portfolio includes delicate thangka paintings, a traditional Tibetan art form, and dynamic surface patterns that have been applied to various products. Her designs are a testament to her keen eye for detail and her ability to transform natural inspirations into captivating artworks. 

For more information about Gee, visit: www.geetanjali behera.com