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Cindy Jacobs

Paint and create! That pretty much sums up everything Cindy Jacobs loves to do. As a designer, Cindy thinks it's so much fun to decorate homes, faux paint walls, make jewelry, and to refinish or refurbish furniture and cabinetry. As an artist, Cindy loves to dabble in graphic arts and calligraphy and thinks that designing fonts is super fun! Cindy loves photography and enjoys painting in both watercolor and acrylic. Cindy also creates artwork with pen and ink and three-dimensional paintings with plaster, metal and wood ornaments or any combination of all of the above! Cindy appreciates every different texture, medium and subject!

Cindy’s inspiration comes from fond recollections of growing up on the farm in Nebraska. The long summer days of her childhood and winter fun building snow forts and going on exciting toboggan rides behind the tractor created unforgettable pictures in her mind. Family was a big part of Cindy’s life; aunts, uncles and cousins! The love of family, farm and her strong faith is reflected in the verses and images of her artwork.

Cindy’s mother and both of her grandmothers loved flowers and flower gardens and she couldn’t help but be caught up in the beauty of it all. Cindy also has a devoted aunt, Cheryl Postlewait, who loves art and has instilled the same passion for art in Cindy. Cheryl has invested much time and love in art lessons, art museums and patiently answering endless questions! Thank you hardly seems enough when someone is so devoted to helping others around them.

A small part of Cindy’s portfolio includes a collaboration of art and photography from her brother, Robert Winholtz. Although he has a doctorate in engineering and is a total left-brain guy, he has a gift for seeing things in the world around him that others pass by.

Cindy has four amazing grown children who managed to pick out four super-amazing mates! From that gifting she has been blessed with seven grandchildren, five with us and two who are in heaven with Jesus. Cindy is surrounded by the love of a family who all have servant’s hearts, Cindy feels so richly blessed! “There is nothing better than family time shared around a birthday gathering or a holiday meal. And a big highlight of any week is always reading books and doing creative things with the grandkids! When all is said and done, it will be about people and the bonds that were shared over meals and artwork. "Material things” will pass away but treasured memories live on in the heart forever.” Cindy says.

Cindy loves creativity and believes it is something that comes from within, a gift given by the Lord. Cindy prayed for the “work of her hands” from Proverbs 31:31 and you will see this particular scripture reference by Cindy’s autograph as a thank you and tribute to THE Author of all art! (Think nature and all its grandeur!)

Last but not least, Cindy would like to say, THANK YOU to all those who have supported her crazy “art-ness” through the years. The support of friends and customers has made Cindy consider all of you "Family"! Cindy is so grateful to those who have purchased art as gifts and placed it in their homes to encourage one another, lift up one another and put a covering of scripture on their walls. "Blessings heaped upon blessings to each of you." Philippians 1:3