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Anthony Van Lam

Anthony Van Lam is an Australian Fashion Designer and Artist, renowned for his label Avl Designs, showcasing a vibrant creative life in Art and Fashion. Embracing a philosophy of going with the flow and staying true to himself, Anthony passionately pursues his dreams, creating meaningful art by drawing from his experiences and imagination.

His captivating artworks delves into diverse subjects, exploring the beauty within life's darker elements, encompassing lessons, sacrifices, inner strength, and beliefs. Anthony skillfully weaves symbolism into his creations, infusing deep meaning and themes into his art, particularly through the portrayal of flowers and animals.

Blending Art and Fashion seamlessly, he presents the unique "Moving Art" collection, transforming his artwork into exquisite fashion pieces. This allows him to live his dream job, as a storyteller of creativity through both Art and Fashion.

Anthony finds joy in sharing his creative world, inviting others to join him on a journey of shared experiences and the exploration of wonders that surround us all.