Washington Street Studio specializes in authentic antique reproduction fabrics from the late 1700’s, 1800's and early 1900’s. The print collections for these lines are derived from actual quilts and fabrics from those eras.

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Washington Street Studio Collections

Vintage Prestige Collection NEW!

Temperance Green NEW!

Temperance Red NEW!

A Solider's Quilt c. 1863-68 NEW!

French Paisley c. 1850-70 NEW!

Toy Box Miniatures c. 1930 NEW!

Christmas Memories

Classic Shirtings c.1800s

Holly's Dollies

King Quilt Backs II

Mississippi Collection

Sarah French No. 5 c. 1850

St. Louis Collection 1840-1885

Temperance Blues!

That's My Baby!

Vintage 1930s Florals