Wildflower Woods c. 1870-85 by Evonne Cook

A collection inspired by the works of Gene Stratton Porter.

Author, nature photographer and naturalist Gene Stratton Porter was an environmentalist ahead of her time. Her best-selling novels and well known articles for McCall’s, American Magazine and Good Housekeeping earned her a good deal of celebrity and notoriety, which she later used to help influence legislators to conserve the wetlands of Indiana. Remembered as a passionate nature lover, Gene encouraged people to explore the outdoors. She enjoyed photographing nature and animals, especially birds. Her photos, novels, and columns became extremely popular. As far back as the late 1800s, Gene recognized the impact that cutting down trees would have on climate change, a battle we continue to face in today’s endangered landscape. Upon her death, the state of Indiana designated her residences at Limberlost Cabin in Geneva and the Cabin at Wildflower Woods near Rome City as historic sites.

Paying tribute to Gene’s outspoken advocacy for nature conservation, Evonne Cook has translated her important legacy into a fabric collection. The light and wispy groups of wildflowers weaving in the wind, the subtle greens, the earthy browns and intricately detailed twirling vines are all reminiscent of the beautiful wildlife she so valiantly fought to conserve.

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This collection is expected to ship December 2019.





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