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Robin Roderick

Robin Roderick is an artist and designer with a passion for creating art that makes people smile. Her ability to see the comedy in everyday life remain the driving force in her approach to life and the creative process.

Growing up in a close-knit family of creative spirits, nightly conversations around the family dinner table were often animated and almost always gave way to laughter.

After several years of experimenting with different facets of art at design studios and advertising agencies, Robin met a woman who owned a successful gift bag company. She would spend the next 8 years working beside her mentor, sharpening her skills in creating art for the retail market.

In 2000 Robin decided to strike out on her own. She opened Robin Surface Design and began creating, painting and developing products for manufacturers and has never looked back.

Her favorite days begin in her Studio in Spring, Texas. A sunny room filled with sketches, paints & brushes, art objects, books, treasures collected, pictures of loved ones, and a big comfy chair that catches the morning sun, perfect for daydreaming.

"I love the feel of a paintbrush in my hands, the way it frees my mind to dream of the possibilities that can only come from creating with your hands".

Robin is always willing to develop new images and create collections for specific products. She truly enjoys the product development process. An obvious passion for her craft, a positive, bright disposition and a keen sense of color and design are all reflected in Robin's work.

For more information about Robin, visit: www.mhslicensing.com