Before and After

  • Beautiful site for a company with a visually appealing product

  • Mobile-friendly responsive site

  • Site Visitor Information (Metrics)

  • Customer forms and data capture

  • Improved Search Engine Optimization

Content Management System, Trustworthy Hosting

  • Here in Soho

  • Phone, email and chat support

  • Been in business more than 10 years

  • Millions of sites

  • 99.99% uptime

  • Kept websites up after hurricane Sandy by dragging barrels of oil up the stairs

  • Superbowl ad:

Will Grow with You

  • Defined roles allowing multiple contributors at all skill levels

  • Workflows already developed for regularly updated pages

  • Built-in store

  • Built-in marketing tools

  • Special Store Manager role

  • Built-in Search

Web Content Updating Best Practices

  • Update site regularly for best Google ranking

  • Plan updates such as Coming Soon and New Collections

  • Making changes to live pages is risky

  • Almost anything can be corrected quickly

  • Don’t use style editor unless okayed by Katerina and Marion, consistency is important for visitors

  • Don’t change the template

  • Update the workflows we gave you as you gain expertise to get faster and more efficient


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