Super Spacey

by Jackie Decker

Fabric shipping to shops January 2018.

Come travel to another galaxy and meet some new friends with Jackie Decker’s one-of-a-kind Super Spacey collection. Have some fun in outer space with these zany aliens and their high powered space ships. With a variety of styles including a block panel, border stripe and all-over prints, the possibilities for projects are out of this world! The bright colors and unique styling of this group can help open up any child’s imagination to the wonders they might find when they go out exploring. The colorful stars, planets and wavy coordinates really help to bring these moonstruck martians to life. Utilize the recommended P&B basics with this group to design an extraterrestrial adventure to infinity and beyond!

Blender suggestions:

Sandy Whitelaw has designed the Blast Off quilt for us! It will be available on her website when the fabric ships in Janaury 2017.

Quilt size: approximately 75" x 99"

Quilt size: approximately 75" x 99"