SUEDE Collections


A new collection of 20 stunning colors of our popular Suede line. This design is a rich deep suede-like texture made out of cotton.

Suede midtones

The Suede collection has been one of P&B's most popular basics. The original Suede colors and additional Brights are now joined by the Midtones – quiet but elegant colors with a beautiful, organic texture. These are great stand-alone pieces, but they also work as backgrounds, borders and backings.


More great colors! This group continues to hold its popularity, so we keep creating more beautiful, vibrant colors.

Suede Brights

The first Suede collection was so successful and well received, it seemed a natural to add a second collection of brighter, bolder colors. These pieces cover the classic rainbow, but with a delicate organic texture that is subtle yet exciting. These pieces can stand alone (see our free pattern) or support many other fabrics. They look beautiful, individually and together. Check out the beautiful rainbow of colors with the Suede Brights collection.


This beautiful, tonal texture can be used to imitate suede, earth, brick, stucco, sky, and many other elements. The uses are limited only by one's imagination  There is a wonderful variety of colors from which to choose. Enjoy!