We are happy to work with manufacturers and we offer a wide variety of looks and styles to suit many products, including bedding, children's clothing, pillows and accessories, hospital scrubs, kitchen and tabletop items, curtains and more. Our 100% cotton broadcloth weighs approximately 122g per meter (5 oz. per yard) and is very versatile. Most of our fabrics are 45" wide, but we have a selection of wide goods at 115". When doing private label printing for manufacturing customers, we have the ability to finish goods to almost any width between 45" and 115".

We offer competitive pricing to manufacturers, and can deliver goods worldwide via truck, plane or ship.  Fabrics are available on bolts or ROT for your convenience. We can often arrange a drop ship directly from the print plant to your factory for added cost and time savings. Our production coordinator has many years of experience and can work with your company to fulfill special orders and individual print runs. 

Our design department is also available for exclusive designs, created to your specifications (minimum order, 3000 yards per print). Our creative and artistic designers can work with you on design, pattern, and color (in multiple colorways if requested).

P&B is simply a pleasure to work with. Especially because of our close, working relationship with the company, we have exceptionally broad exposure to P&B’s various departments, and our experience is uniformly the same with their staff: responsive, insightful, customer-focused, polite. What more could a customer want, other than excellent products, which they also have—but those are easier to judge!
— Dale Riehl, fabric creator and owner of City Quilter in Manhattan

For design & purchasing inquiries, please contact Ben Odessa at BentonO@genfabco.com